We Collect Data of  Vendors From Many Niches every week. Then we make list of Those Vendors which are Good for Promoting Any Niche. These are Helpful For Affiliate Marketers, Products Developers and any Marketing team.

Guaranteed 100% Human Traffic

The Traffic on This Website is double-checked by us. This Solo Ads Market Place Update Every Second Day. We Do N't Send Bot Traffic.

Better Conversions

If you buy  From here than we Guarantee for better Conversions Rates. In Industry Standard between 40 - 60% is Good Conversion Rate.

How We Select 
The Top Vendors List For The Week?

1. Wade The Internet:

We Search Good Solo Ads Vendors by going to many Facebook Groups, Visiting Other Websites and Our ads whats app Groups Where People Reviews Other Vendors.


2. Shortlisted Top Solo Ads Vendors:

After researching we select 15-20 Solo Ads Vendors and we contact them. We take views of their testimonials and contact random person from their list to prove they are worth it. 

We Take CPC, Sales and conversion rates in view to select these Top Vendors 

3. Giving Scores:

We Give Them scores according to their sales, conversion rates and CPC. 

After that, List will be updated every week. 

The Whole Procedure will continue. 

How You Could Use For Best Optin and Sales

We Have Done a Lot of Research and find out that there is n't any website who teaches you about Solo's For Free.

But we have many articles Written for you guys without paying us a single penny.

Still on this page I will describe Most of The Things About These Ads

For Depth Read Out our articles.

What Are Solo Ads?

The Solo Ads are the Ads which benefit mostly to the small businessman, shopkeepers,

and companies to earn more from the well-settled business’s E-mail List.

Advantages of Doing Solos for Your Business:

Doing These has many benefits which include

  • Increase your brand awareness.
  • Attracting new potential customers for your business.
  • Launching a new product or service.
  • Sent special discount/offer too many customers.
  • Build your own email list.
  • Send hot leads to your product page
  • Send targeted traffic to your website


Email Ads can work magic for your business.

When you count these ads for your niche, then you will find a lot of solo ad vendors selling many ads in the same niche.

But all the vendors don’t provide quality ads.

So you have to be very careful while choosing the solo ads vendor related to your product or service.

Now you don’t have to worry about that either.

To help you finding the best solo ad vendor, we work to locate most trusted solo ad vendors in every niche.

Our crawlers go to all email solo ad marketplaces directories, forums to find best solo ad providers.

We manually go to Popular Facebook and Skype groups to find good solo ad vendors with a lot of positive reviews.

These people are selling these ads for years and have countless good reviews and many satisfied customers.

Even our advertisers have to fulfill our own guidelines to be approved by us.

Because quality is our first priority so that our users can buy solos form best ads providers in the market entirely risk-free.  

We keep updating our trusted solo ad vendors depending on their reviews, and we always keep an eye on them.

So you can totally buy from our recommended ads vendors without any worry.

You can chat with us without any hesitation regarding any query.

We respond to each and every question to ensure best customer experience.

Where to Send Your Ads Traffic:

Usually, these are sent to the primary product or service page to get sales directly.

But it is always good if you also try to opt-in their email address

Because chances of getting sales are very less when people visit your sales page for the first time.

But if you have their email address you can create a list of buyers who are actually interested in your product but did not buy that.

After that, you can send them the email with new offers or you can provide the free trial of your product.

So even if you don’t get any sales, you still have this list of users who have shown interest in your product which can further convert into sales.

So by doing this, you can get the full value of the money you have spent on your email ads

Usually higher the price higher is the quality of these ads.

But still, you should buy the solo ad from the reputed vendors.

  • Go to
  • Just search for the keywords of your niche.
  • Find the people who are ranking on the first page of the Google (Tip: the above the ranking the more the cost per click is there)
  • check
    Contact the webmaster or the owner of the website that are using opt-in forms or web forms for collecting E-mail from the visitors.
  • check
    Just fix the deal with them to run your Solo Ads.

If you follow the above procedure, then most of the webmaster do not reply. So, do not get disappointed.

Make a list of Top 100 websites and send them emails is another way from which you may get success if you are lucky enough.

It may take a less time on the directories like Udimi, SoloAdsX and other directories but they have trusted vendors, so buying from them is worth it.

You can easily buy from our trusted solo ads vendors.

It is entirely risk-free because we choose solo ad provider who doesn’t have any bad reviews, is very responsive and has maintained the proper relationship with their customers.

Cheap Solo or Solo Free Ads:

If you are thinking of buying cheap solo or Free solo adThink Again!

Why anyone will provide such a great quality traffic for free, when it took so much effort in building that email list.

If you buy 1000 clicks for $10 then obviously, they are not going to be of good quality. They are not going to give conversion or sales that you expected. So it’s a waste of your money.

Usually higher the price of the solos higher is the quality.

Quantity is not directory proportional to quality here.

After all the results you get from doing solo, are still cheaper than any other method of advertising. They usually cost 50 to 80 cents per click depending on the quality or niche.

Determine the Quality of Ads:

The quality of ads can be determined by how well your solo ad have performed.

  • Are your clicks delivered on time?
  • How much sales you have got?
  • And how many clicks converted into opt-ins for your email list?

For Example, You bought 500 clicks for $350 and after all, clicks are delivered, 200 people subscribed to your email list and you got 2 sales of worth $350.

So you have covered all your money you have spent on email ad and got a list of 200 potential customers who could further buy your product.

You can send attractive offers.

This solo ad got 2 sales and 40 opt-ins.

Usually, if you buy a solo ad from a good ad vendor opt-ins rate is 40 to 60% with good conversion on sales also depending on the price of solo's.

Track Your Ads Performance:

solo ads tracking

Tracking your Solo is crucial because it will help you in determining that you are getting what you have paid for.

It helps you in tracking that your email ad is clicked by real humans or a bot.

From which location your ad has been clicked.

Is only one person clicking the solo ad many times or these are unique clicks?

There are many tools for tracking your solo ad performance.

  • Click Magic: This is an excellent tracker for advertisers. This has many options that also track click ad fraud very easily. You do not have to do anything but just copy your link and give it to your solo ad vendor, and it’s all done. The best part is that you can quickly know the country and IP address of the customers.  This is a premium tool but very useful and efficient. The Facebook, Google and Twitter are using this service for many years.
  • It is a free service with which you can track your click, but it does not have too much of options. So, I do not suggest this as due to its limitation.
  • This is Google link shorten-er service but as like it is limited, and as an advertiser, it has no that much of use.

How to Increase Email Opt-in Rates:

This question is one of the important is you want to use solo advertisements in future.

The email opt-in means that how many people will open their email when they are sent by your solo ad vendors.

For that, you have to do many things, but the most important aspect is that you have to write the catchy headlines.

These are the main reason why anyone opens your email.

The offer given by you should be reliable and safe enough in the main headline that they at least check it out.

Short but useful offers are mostly viewed worldwide.

The proof can increase the opt-in rates up to 30.

The benefits given inside the email can increase your sale up to a 10.

We have done many hit and trial in the email, and with the help of these, we have increased the opt-in up to 20.

If you want to work with our solo ad vendors, then you have to provide the right content.

Good content is the king the opt-in field.​​​​ 

The more is the good content, the more is the number of sales/opt-in.

What are Buyers Email Lists?

solo ads buyers list

Buyers lists are made of the emails collected when people actually buy a product related to a particular niche.

So these are highest quality email lists which consist of potential buyers related to that niche.

Buying or renting buyers list worth it because of their highest conversion rates. These lists or email ads costs greater than others because of their quality.

To find buyers list you can search for your related term on google and find the websites who are selling products in your niche.

You can contact them and ask for renting or buying their buyers email list, or you can ask them to run solo campaign for you from that list.

You can also buy buyers list from our trusted Solo ad vendors.

Should you Rent a List or Buy Solo Ad:

According to me. Clear NO!

If you rent any email list, you do not know the quality of the record and the niche of the email list.

So, it would be a mistake to buy an email list from someone on the internet.

You also do not know the performance of the list.

The one who is selling you the email list may have not made it by himself.

He may have also bought it from someone else and may be fooling you too.

So, I would suggest to buy solo ad as they have targeted, regular and convertible traffic. They have the email list related to their topic, and you will probably get more sales from buying these ads.

These vendors are doing these things for many years.

As you know, that experience matters the most in these types of things.

They have tried every hit and trial method that can benefit you fully.

How to Write Interesting Offers to your Email ad Subscribers:


This is all up to you and your niche.

If you are working on weight loss niche, then you have to write the headline very carefully.

It must look attractive to open for the first time.

You have to be careful to the inline of the content that you will be sending to a customer.

The inline should not have any grammatical mistake.

The format must look attractive to the client. The proof should be given in minuscule amount.

If you have any images in the content, then be careful to make them look attractive enough. So, that they will check for the product.

It all depends on How dynamic you are?

To make an impressive piece of content, you have to work hard and have to do many trials to make your ads excellent and efficient.

How to Make Money with Solo Ad:

Making money from solo is very easy, but you have to spend some bucks to do so.

If you have a new product and you think it is good enough to sell in the market than Solo ad is for you only.

You just have to contact the best solo vendors that can make you main work a lot easier. The primary task is to get the audience and for that, you have run some solo  for many sales.

If you have the great email list, then you can also run these for people and become a solo ad vendor.

It’s all depends on your profile and conversions that can make you rich.

If you have a good list, then you can make 1500$ per month very quickly by just sending automated emails.

If you are new, then you can benefit fit from the old ones by selling your product with the help of old people.

Final Thoughts:

I have described Email Solo Ad to my extended level. It’s now your turn to make money from the solos.

If you are a newbie, then you can go to our trusted vendors and run your first solo ad.

If you are a solo ad vendor, then you are most welcome to join us.

If you want to know about email marketing automation than this is for you